5 Stones Express trackless train celebrating 4th of July  in Galena, MO.
Making celebrations unforgettable!
Never to old for a barrel train ride
Community Events

Every year communities come together to celebrate the holidays and the history of their town and surrounding area with festivals, fairs, BBQ's and music shows of all sorts. We here at 5 Stones of the Ozarks, llc believe these events are a crucial part of our heritage. They remind of us of days when people would take time away from their busy schedules and join together for picnics, singing's, cook-offs, games and celebration.

We encourage all to get out and enjoy these gatherings and be apart of the tradition of our heritage. Within these festivities we give kids the experience of a guided round trip barrel train tour, custom tailored to the event. Come and see us at any of our scheduled fetes or contact us for one of your own.

We love to see the smiles on faces and the joy in the eyes of a child, as they experience the joy of riding a train!

We are proud to support All
our American Heroes!

We would like to say THANK YOU!!
​to all our, ​active and retired military, police officers, firefighters, EMS and their families!​

Ask us about our departmental event discount.